Celebrating 35 Years of Service

Recently recertified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery thru 2015.

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Sep 13, 2013

Dr. DiPalma,

I would like to express my sincere heartfelt appreciation for the attention and care that your staff demonstrated during our recent visit with my sister, Martha Minish.

This past year has been very challenging to our family as I had shoulder surgery in January, we almost lost my mother in February due to a major surgery from which we learned that she has stage 2 Sarcoma cancer, and then having to make certain that Martha's needs were taken care; which led me to having to make the very heart wrenching decision to place her into a personal care home.

As you know, my sister is mentally challenged and that in itself often makes having access to very needed care and services for her somewhat difficult.

This past Wednesday, when we brought Martha in for her appointment, our day was being overly stressed, and I am certain that we brought with us many unexpected challenges that your regular patients don't normally present. Fortunately, from the moment we stepped into the front door of your office, your staff became so understanding that it was as if they were some type of "Relaxation Team". The young lady at the front desk gave me aspirins and water; as if, she could see the stress was getting to me.

Dr. DiPalma immediately made special provisions to move Martha directly into an examination room so that she was able to become more relaxed; and then, engaged into a casual conversation about old friends and family members with my mother, who was also under stress. The gentlemen who assisted with Martha showed her nothing other than genuine kindness and compassion; and, even had the wonderful idea to turn on the television for her.

Your team was unbelievable!!!

This world would be so blessed if more offices were to even attempt to show the type of genuine care, understanding, and professionalism, that you and your complete staff, so effortlessly demonstrated to our family. In fact, "we were treated like family".

Please share with each member of your staff, my sincere appreciation for each of them and their excellent work.

Thank you all so much,
Lee Minish


I had hammertoe surgery many years ago, and a couple of years ago began to suffer with pain in that toe again. My former podiatrist said that there was nothing else that could be done for my hammertoe problem, other than numerous injections he did for the neuroma which had developed in that area. I found Dr. DiPalma's name on the Internet and liked what I read on the web site and made an appointment. He did surgery on my toe, removing the neuroma and attaching a tendon. I am relatively pain free now! I can wear my shoes all day without discomfort Many thanks to Dr. DiPalma and his wonderful, friendly and professional staff.

Hazel Hart


Dr. DiPalma operated on my right foot last May (2010). The surgery went very well. My foot has healed up beautifully and looks great. I no longer have pain when I walk in my right foot or right hip. I am very pleased with the results. I would recommend Dr. DiPalma to anyone having foot issues. Also, his staff is friendly and easy to work with.

Paula Williams, RN


My husband and I have been using Dr. DiPalma for a number of years. First, I will let you know that my husband is a very hard man to deal with at times.  Dr. DiPalma is one of the finest and most caring doctors that we have dealt with in a long time. He has taken the time to get to know how to work with my husband. He shows a lot of compassion and concern for his patients. And my husband goes to quite a few doctors. These days, to most doctors you are just a chart. They don't have time to listen to you. Doctor DiPalma has worked  with my husband in and out of the hospital setting. He has worked my husband in without appointments if there is a problem. Because of my husbands memory loss he takes the time to call me, if I can't be there, to let me know what needs to be done. How many doctors do you know that will take this much time out of their busy schedule for just one patient? Most that we have encountered just deal with the office and once the patients leaves, it is up to them to do as instructed. He has called at home to check on him after  a hospital stay with other ailments not pertaining to Dr. DiPalma. My husband has very bad feet and legs after injuries from Vietnam. Dr. DiPalma has done wonders with them. He was at the point to where it was becoming to painful to walk or stand for any extended period of time. Dr. DiPalma got his feet and legs feeling great. He has done several surgeries to correct problems that we felt like couldn't be corrected, due to the bad patch job that the field doctors had done. But they did the best they could do under the circumstances.

My husband had to have Open Heart Surgery a while back. With Diabetes, the leg that the vein was removed from swelled and started bursting open. That was about a year ago. Dr. DiPalma has wrapped and medicated his leg sometimes each week since then and worked diligently to keep the swelling down on this leg. He helped get my husband a machine that has helped to keep the water from swelling up in his legs and pushes it back up in his bladder so he can get rid of the excess. I really believe that had it not been for this wonderful doctor my husband would have lost his leg if not both of them by now. He has also taken the time to call and consult with our primary physician about problems that he sees not pertaining to his line of work. He has also called and gave referrals for my husband on other problems that he needed to be check out, that could have cost my husband his life.

Dr. DiPalma has taken all of my husbands medicine's (and he has a lot) and checked it to make sure that there was nothing that was working against another medication. I would recommend this doctor to anyone and I thank God that there are still a few out there that do care and treat you like you are more than a chart or another dollar in their account.

Gail Fields


Thank you, Dr. DiPalma for all the many words of encouragement, And Especially your kindness for always being so good to us.

We feel blessed having such a great Doctor and staff taking care of us.

May God bless you Always,
Smitty and Mae


Please accept my apologies for the great delay in this remittance, which results only from my own disorganization. Certainly in no way does it reflect my response to your care. Ice truthfully never had better.
You’re the top.

Gratefully yours,
Ash Raymond


Dr. DiPalma,
I want to thank you for helping me. May God be with you and your family. There are not many doctors that care about people who have hard times, and you are a very special person. You knew my husband doesn’t work and that I only work part time. I also lost my father April 11 and Ill never forget your kindness. Plus you did not hurt me when you did my foot, and I am the kind of person that cant take pain. Always be the way you are for there aren't many like you left. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you,
Jackie Shaffer


For a long time I have suffered with severe foot pain, and I seemed not to find a viable solution, when a friend told me about Five County Foot Care. I hardly could walk the pain was so severe I could not even sleep. From Day one I got immediate relief. I was pleasantly shocked at the demeanor of the staff as well as the doctor. I have never found so much compassion, professionalism and quality of care.

The era we live in today is busy, busy, busy. Five County Foot Care will take as much time as it takes to achieve a positive result. You feel as though you are the only patient. They are kind and wellrounded.

It has been my experience that they truly put the patient first. My case is probable on of the toughest and my spirits were very low, Five County Foot Care has lifted my spirit and conditions by being ambiguous about any and all endeavors to give me relief and assessment of my conditions. They truly reflect what the meaning of health care is. It is my pleasure to say they are the reason why I am walking now. They are very effective and continue to strive to give you the best care and to be educated on all new technology to achieve a positive outcome for their patient. They have restored the quality of my life. There is nothing pernicious, problematic or distorting about the Podiatric care I have received.

Lisa Carter


Dear Dr. DiPalma and staff,
I wanted to thank you for the lifetime of healthy, Pain-free feet you have enabled me to have.
The care I received while in your charge was of excellent quality and the highest of medical standards. All of you did a wonderful job and should be proud. My feet and I thank you for the ability to walk, roller-skate and water ski 100% free from discomfort, these are things I couldn’t do before-now I can, Thanks to all of you. God Bless all of you and May you all prosper to the sky in the future.

Jill Smith




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